Andre Seixas

Real Estate Agent


My name is Andre Seixas. I have a strong administrative and management knowledge. My friendly approach makes clients feel comfortable and enjoy the overall business experience. Also, having dealt with several international clients, I will bring my experience to foreign investors being with them every step of the way. I have performed many personal real estate investments including home renovations, restorations, remodeling, and rehabs where I successfully managed the construction and development crew, finalizing all projects with great success. I have experience in “house flipping” and generating real estate investment portfolios. I love analyzing the financials on every deal to maximize my clients’ profitability. A Florida resident for more than 17 years, I definitely can find the best locations for your next real estate property.

The real estate company in Orlando WRA (World Realtors Alliance) was founded in 2013 in Orlando, Florida, with the goal of serving Brazilian clients interested in buying vacation homes or just investment. Over time, the real estate company expanded its activities and currently has over 30 American Realtors who speak Portuguese, Spanish and English.